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Regardless of what you have been told...


Learning, and critical/analytical thinking, does not come about from:
a flat screen web presentation 
or an entertaining lecturer.
It does not grow spontaneously from acronyms like ‘STEM’ or ‘IB’ or prepackaged ‘college credits.’
Most importantly, learning does not occur when we gut our ‘schools’ of music, theater, dance, drawing, fiber arts, experimentation, practical life and doing. 


Montessori Erdkinders are about learning thru doing.
Other schools teach biology, anatomy and maybe dissect a frog.
    As one of New Mexico’s top 5% of agricultural producers, the students of Camino de Paz create & supply food to grocery stores and restaurants requiring an on-going applied study, charting and maintaining plant and animal genetics from organic, open pollinated and non-genetic engineered natural sources.
Other schools teach science and math to pass a test then be forgotten.
   The students of Camino de Paz learn physics, chemistry and biology by living it and applying it everyday.  We do not teach Ph (acid/base) as a ‘concept’, we use it in the daily management of plant, soil and aquatic environments, food production, canning / preserving, bacterial and fungal cultivation and control.
Other schools may teach community life through football & competition.
    The students of Camino de Paz learn social development through residential living and shared economic work directed at sustaining the community.  We learn how to work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and resolve individual and societal conflict.  We learn how to put ‘service over self’ and contribute as opposed to diminish.
Other schools may teach music, theater or dance. Some may even teach the technical tools of the arts.
    The students of Camino de Paz learn the arts, with context and structure, as a natural outgrowth of the spiritual and moral dimension of humanity that distinguishes human expression from that of the play and teasing dance of goats on a hill.

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