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“LEARN: how to be a sustainable community”



“APRENDE: a cómo ser una comunidad sustentable”

"In order for the adolescent to acquire social experience, society must build the right sort of environment for him, a super nature suited to his needs where he can have effective, practical experience of every aspect of social life."
Maria Montessori

As a Montessori farm, the students help run the farm. Camino de Paz is dedicated to placing the adolescent's contribution at the economic heart of Northern New Mexico. Our students gain economic independence as community members, selling to locally owned grocery stores; bringing fresh, organic food; and creating local jobs.
Camino de Paz Farm has market gardens, animal husbandry, and processed foods divisions. Sustainability is key. It means that we are soil builders and water conservers. Beyond the labor of our students and workers, we use as few outside inputs as possible, especially fossil fuels.
All of our students have classroom work and field work in entrepreneurial studies. Middle School students apply some of their earning to international trips studying agriculture and commerce. As student work hours exceed course obligations, students are paid at rates of $10 or $12 per hour in middle or high school, respectively. Many high school students choose to apply 80% of their earnings to their tuition to reduce their family contribution.
Camino de Paz Farm has received numerous awards, including the New Mexico Organic Farmers Association prize in 2019 for Best Farm and Edible Santa Fe magazine’s 2014 “Local Hero” award as Best Farm.
Camino de Paz is a Class I Academic Institution accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Group.

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