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“LEARN: how to produce, then how to make the tools of production.”


“APRENDE: a cómo producir, después a cómo hacer las herramientas de producción:”

"The essential reform is this: to put the adolescent on the road to achieving economic independence. We might call it a 'school experience in the elements of social life."

Maria Montessori


Camino de Paz is dedicated to building our local economy. Our farm provides year-round, delivery to locally owned grocery stores and restaurants within a 150-mile radius that are capable of sustaining weekly orders over $100. 
Virtually all of our products are certified organic and include: goat and cow milk, yogurts, and kefirs, cheeses; bunched leafy greens, root crops, lettuce, and greens mixes; value added products like pickles, jams, jellies, chutneys and tapenades, and corn meal. We have on-going construction projects aimed at expanding our processed foods, bakery, meat, eggs. In September 2020, Camino de Paz is expanding with bakery products (bread and pastries) and a 60-seat restaurant. All of these businesses are core to our Culinary Arts program for our Montessori middle and high school.
You can buy our products at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning or year round at the following grocery stores: Cids – Taos; Española Coop – Española; Los Alamos Coop – Los Alamos; La Montañita Coop – Santa Fe; Eldorado Market – Eldorado; Kellers Meats – Albuquerque; and La Montañita Coops in Albuquerque.
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