Camino de Paz operates a USDA certified Grade A goat Dairy that sells:

  • raw and pasteurized goat milk,
  • yogurt (plain and four fruit flavors),
  • chevre cheese (plain, garlic, dill, basil),
  • feta cheese
  • cajeta (caramel sauce)

The students participate in all aspects of the dairy operation from milking to pasteurizing, making cheeses and yogurt, bottling, labeling and selling their products at Santa Fe Farmers Market these local stores:  La Montanita Co-op (Santa Fe and Albuquerque),  El Dorado Agora (Santa Fe), Center Market and Espanola Community Market(Espanola), Dixon Co-op, Cid’s Market (Taos). These fine restaurants have our products on their menus: Joe’s Dining, Back Road Pizza, Clafouti’s,  Jambo Cafe, Taos Inn (Doc Martin’s), Arroyo Vino, La Cocina.

The students’ commitment to reducing plastic in the environment means that we sell our products in re-usable glass bottles for which our customers pay a returnable deposit.

Our goats spend most days out in pasture and are fed organic hay and grain.  Students learn pasture management and rotational grazing to keep our grasses healthy.  We use no antibiotics or commercial medications in the treatment of our dairy goats, relying on herbal supplements, natural products or essential oils to keep them healthy.

For more information on purchasing Camino de Paz dairy products or meats, email daisy@caminodepaz.net.

WE’LL BE GIVING THE LADIES A REST SOON. Yes, it’s that time of year.  Our milking goats will soon have a break from daily milking in order to strengthen themselves for the “kidding” season in late February.  This means that our products will temporarily be off the shelves and no longer available at farmers’ market.  So sorry, but it’s the cycle of nature. Look for our products again around March 1, 2015.