Why a Farm School?

“Work on the land is an introduction both to nature and to civilization and gives a limitless field for scientific and historic studies.” – Maria Montessori


At Camino de Paz the farm provides a broad context for the students’ applied learning and for the development of the whole personality. Math, science, reading, writing, history, arts and crafts come alive as these skills are used daily in a real, practical way. The farm presents the possibility for students to create a real, working community at a time in life when there is a driving need to be with peers, to be valued and accepted for who they are and to form mentoring relationships with adults who are not their parents. The daily work required on a farm also supports social, emotional and character-building skills such as cooperation, compassion, honesty, integrity, problem-solving, creative thinking, listening, observation and pride in a job well done. These experiences promote an understanding of the natural and social world that make possible a different kind of moral discernment. Students come to see that every issue has many aspects, considerations and points of view, often reflecting a complex set of relationships. There is the expectation that each student will be prepared for high school and beyond in any profession that he/she chooses.

“If we want our youth to do extraordinary things and be extraordinary people, we must give them extraordinary experiences.” – Lemoine LaPointe, Lakota, Rosebud, SD

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