Animals play many roles on the farm: cultivators, soil builders, mowers, sources for food, textiles and soap.  Bess, Chuck and Charlie (our Belgian draft horses) are responsible for all our heavy work.   Our pastured laying hens remove weeds and fertilize the fields.  The sheep and goats mow the lawn and clearing understory.

At Camino de Paz Farm we try to not let anything go to waste and we waste no opportunity.  The sheep and angora goats provide us fiber for our textile products, fat for rendering, meat and leather for consumption.  We are proponents of everyone enjoying locally and naturally grown produce.

Besides Maria Montessori (From Childhood to Adolescence, The Absorbent Mind, Education and Peace), our farm has been inspired by the works of Wendell Berry, Masanobu Fukuoka, Rudolf Steiner, E. F. Schumacher and others.

Sustainability is key to what the farm is about. It means that we are soil builders and water conservers. We use as few outside inputs as possible, especially fossil fuels.